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Great Find
By LM196 - 8/30/2014

1st time and we will return! This was one the cleanest places I have ever stayed in. I get worried because my expectations are always high in those regards, I was pleasanty surprised. It is an older hotel, and our room was a little crowded with 2 double beds for 2 adults, but it didn't prove to be a problem. If you stay here and would like some privacy though ask for a room on the second level if stairs are not an issue for you. We made our reservation late in the season and didn't have a choice, Our room was off of the patio area and with the beautiful weather we had there were people sitting out there from early morning till late at night, we just had to keep opening and closing the curtains all day....not a big deal. Didn't really get to use the pool, but with my own kids grown it was nice to see the little ones enjoying it. Close to beach and nice area to take a walk in during the day and at night!

Nice place, reasonable prices.
By Miket043 - 8/30/2014

My wife and I have stayed here for the last 4 years and continue to enjoy. The place is reasonably priced and was very clean. My wife had been a maid years ago and usually notices how well the room was cleaned and she commented to me, what a terrific job our maid had done. We spoke to Tom and Michelle on a couple of occasions about different things and they were polite and helpful. Looking forward to staying again next year...

Great Place!
By Linda P - 8/28/2014

We went in early August, during peak vacation time. Our stay was made enjoyable and we were made to feel welcome by owners Tom and Michelle. The entire facility was well-kept and the cleaning staff was on-point with prompt service each day. We will definitely be returning.

"Super clean, amazing service with beyond awesome owners.”
By NickLink - 8/20/2014

Tom and Michele are two of the most personable, friendly, helpful and family oriented people I have come across. They would go above and beyond to help any of their customers. They do all they can to be respectful and help in any way possible. If you have a problem, they will work with you and help in any way possible to make sure that it is resolved in a timely manner as best as possible.

I had a great time with my 4 night stay. I am telling you that these two owners are so great that I feel like I made a new friend along the way. And after finding out that they live in my same home town I would like to hope so! They understand that people are there for vacation and try to do everything they can to accommodate everyone. If people are being rowdy and obnoxious at early or late hours, they take action in the best and most respectable manner. And that is not something to be criticized, that is something to be admired in an owner. Prices are very reasonable, and super clean (cleanest I have stayed besides renting a condo...which I had to clean myself...on a vacation!) I really have no complaints...and they may be getting new refrigerators and flat screen TV's for next year!

Bottom line...great place, great staff, and great atmosphere. Perfect for a Jersey get away to one of the best beaches in the state. I highly recommend.


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